All Star Football Programs

2019 all stars_oct hoosier tourney

ZYFL may conduct one or more divisional all-star programs following the regular season. Each team will have a maximum of 24 players. Players may be nominated for All-Star consideration by: the Head Coach of their Rec team, the Head Coach of the All Star Team, or a head coach in the division. There will be up to 3 “invited” team practices to further evaluate the players. These practices may not begin until the 4th week of the rec seasons and shall be limited to no more than 2 hours per session. The invited team practices are completely optional to the nominated players. Attendance at the practices does not guarantee a player selection to a team. Likewise, players who do not attend will not be excluded from being selected. Once selected, All-Star Teams will be allowed to practice once per week for no more than two hours beginning during the 5th week of the rec season or upon the completion of the selection process whichever is later. Upon completion of the rec season the teams will be allowed to practice up to 3 times in preparation for tournament play.

Parents of players selected for the team will be responsible for all other equipment and expenses related to post season play. Expenses will be estimated and a set fee will be determined and charged in an effort to cover all costs of jerseys and tournament entry fees. Parents will also be responsible for providing transportation to all games. Any financial hardships should be brought to the attention of the President of the Board of Directors of ZYFL. Parents should understand that there is no guarantee of playing time in All Stars. Players will participate in the games at the direction of the Head Coach or Assistant Coaches.