2023 Equipment Handout:

ZYFL will provide each player with the following:

Click here for the Equipment Waiver  & Hand Out Document

Tackle – Helmet*, Shoulder Pads*, Game Jersey.

Tacklebar – Helmet*, Shoulder Pads*, Tacklebar harness*, Game Jersey.

Flag – Flags*, Game Jersey, Mouth Piece.

Game Pants and Socks must be purchased and are not provided.  Your coach might elect to coordinate a team order to ensure uniformity within the team.

2023 Equipment Return:

ZYFL equipment return is TBD, at the high school stadium during the ZYFL Super Bowl games from TBD.  Please do not return your equipment yet if your player is participating in All-Stars.  Please remove helmet decals with soap and warm water and wipe down equipment.

Click here for the Equipment Return Form

*Items must be returned to ZYFL following the conclusion of the ZYFL Season.

Abuse or misuse of player equipment is strictly prohibited.  Equipment is intended only for the ZYL player it was issued to and should not be shared with another player as each player is individually fitted to ensure properly fitted equipment. The equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before being returned.

To clean the helmet, remove all decals and adhesive from the helmet. DO NOT USE organic solvents. Organic solvents such as paint thinner will damage the helmet and make them unsafe to use. USE hot water and soap to remove decals and adhesives.

To clean the shoulder pads, spray the shoulder pads with Lysol or equivalent antibacterial spray.

Any player that does not return ZYFL equipment in good shape by the specified date shall pay a $25.00 fee. Any player that does not return their equipment will be responsible for the cost of replacement.


For more information, contact

Equipment Director..... Josh Medvescek 317-840-3788