ZYFL Coaches Information

ZYFL coaches play the most critical role in helping players learn and enjoy the game of football, develop their athletic skills, and build character through hard work, fair competition, sportsmanship, and teamwork.  Coaches assist athletes in developing to their full potential. They are responsible for training athletes by analyzing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and by providing encouragement.

The USA Football Flag and Tackle certification serves as USA Football's base-level course for all youth flag and tackle coaches and is set up to provide ZYFL coaches with the education to develop a coaching philosophy, understand the game and the positions on the field and teach the proper fundamentals and techniques. It is broken down into three elements, Blocking and Tackling Skills, Health & Safety, and Fundamentals of Coaching. ZYFL believes a quality youth sports experience begins with quality coaching.

Along with the USA Football Certifications, Head Coaches will perform the following tasks as well as ensure their Assistant Coaches do the same.


Coaches 2023 responsibilities include:


_____ Background check completed and reviewed by ZYFL

_____ 2023 USA Football Certification due by 7/01/2023, submit Certificate to ZYFL via email. (Click Here for Video Instructions)

_____ Read ZYFL rules and by laws  (Finalizing Now, will communicate when available)                                  Date Read: _____

_____ Attend 2023 Coaches Training. Click Here for Youth Coaches Presentation

_____ Signed ZYFL Coaches Contract signed and submitted by 7/01/2023 (Click Here for Coaches Contract)    Date Received: _____

_____ Signed up for ZYFL equipment fitting and handout, this is managed by Josh Medvescek who can be reached at (317) 402-1675

_____ Attend draft  on TBD at located TBD , more info to be provided to coaches leading up to draft day
_____ Make contact with players parent/guardian’s and set practice schedule

_____ Contact commissioners and inform of location and times of practice schedule
_____ Schedule parent/team meeting prior to first practice                  Date of Meeting: _____

­­_____ Compile and keep updated player contact information on ZYFL Communication platform and in hard copy format in coaching bag to include:  guardians name, address, and phone numbers

_____ Attendance at two practices for the High School

_____ One hour of volunteer time on behalf of ZYFL